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Monthly luncheon meetings: Noon to 2 PM

Second Thursday of the month: Sept - May

Red Lobster Restaurant (back room)

International Speedway just east of I-95


national headquarter building in Washington, D.C.


The National League of American Pen Women was founded in 1897 by seventeen prominent female artisans of that era consisting of authors, journalists, a poet and an artist. They were committed to bring together women of the arts “for mutual benefits and the strength that comes of union...” The NLAPW carries the legacy of such prestigious former members as Eudora Welty, Pearl S. Buck and Eleanor Roosevelt. Our 19th century headquarters building in Washington D.C., was once the home of Robert Todd Lincoln. We are a 501(c)(3) corporation with professional standards in Art, Letters and Music.

More than a century has passed since those first days, and the National League of American Pen Women continues to grow and remains very active with branches and Members-at-Large across the United States. We are creative women who encourage and support each other as authors, artists, music composers and choreographers. We celebrate each other’s accomplishments!

If you are a professional woman who has had your work published or sold in Art, Letters or Music, you may qualify for membership. Click here for the membership page.

Who are Pen Women?
By Carol Welsh

We are talented. We know how it felt the first time we sold a copy of our book, or one of our art pieces, or our CD. Wow, someone actually paid for my creation. Can you believe it?

Well, talent sits on the shelf unless you persevere and work hard. I spent 2 years of weekends writing my first book. That was after all the research was done. How many art classes did artists take before they realized, “that’s it! I really did it!”

However, perseverance would melt into procrastination if we, Pen Women, didn’t enjoy a challenge. Our dream to be a published author or an award-winning artist or to have our composition published and performed got us off our duffs because somehow, deep inside of us, we knew we could rise to the challenge.

But what is that special something that motivates us to take on the challenge to pursue our dreams?

  • Perhaps it’s someone who believed in our talent, our ability to be all that we can be. It could be a friend, a mentor, a parent or a professor.

  • Or we feel something is nudging us toward our dream. Well your muse might just nudge you, but sometimes it almost felt like a whack on the side of the head from my muse.

We have stepped through the doorway to our dreams when the challenge brings us joy and satisfaction.

A Pen Woman has had those times when she was drop-dead exhausted, but then she took that perfect photo and noticed one that is spectacular; or a poem flowed from her heart; or the song in her head had to be composed, and suddenly she was energized and she lost track of time.

That is when the Force is with her. She is in the zone.

So we celebrate you, creative women, come join us … and may the Force be with you.     www.DaytonaPenWomen.com

Daytona Beach Branch of National League of American Pen Women
For more information, email us at: elizabethowens800@gmail.com  Hosted by DreamWeb